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LEGO® Friends, she’s pretty!


LEGO® has been one of my favourite toys since I was a lil’ girl and with the introduction of the …

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Something to Giggle about! …. Hoot! Hoot!


Giggle and Hoot is an ABC TV children’s show starring best friends Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl who live …

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Stika-Lulu The Ultimate Sticker Collection!!!


Collect Swap, Trade & Style these amazingly crazy, colourful, alternative and wild stickers from all around the world & build …

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Fireman Sam – He’s Everyone’s Favourite!!!


Fireman Sam is immensely popular children’s show and toy this year. Kids love Fireman Sam who is a courageous, brave …

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What’s Hot: Xia-Xia Pets


Xia Xia pet crabs are ready to take the Aussie shores by storm and the kids are going wild over …

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What’s Hot: Leap Frog Explorer Interactive World Globe (New Revised Version)


The Leap Frog Explorer Interactive World Globe (New Revised Version) is the award-winning, interactive, talking globe that lets you travel around the world, play exciting games and learn amazing facts.

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John Deere: Tough Toys!


For kids who want to grow up to be farmers or builders, John Deere toys are the perfect tough toys before you graduate to the real thing!

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What’s Hot: Razor Electric Power MX350 Dirt Bike


The Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 devours mud, rocks and dirt with its high-torque electric motor and large 30 cms knobby tires.

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What’s Hot: Star Wars Lightsabers


These amazing lightsabers will make you a force for good or evil! Slide the button and flick your wrist to extend the ‘blade’!

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Saturators: The Ultimate Water Blasters!


If you’ve ever been caught in the open with a water gun that’s run dry, you need a Saturator! All Saturators have reloadable water magazines to keep you loaded, plus an automatic motorized blasting mechanism that fires off 4 bullets of water every second.

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