Pillow Pets have Landed Exclusively at Toys Paradise!

Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets are here and they’re looking for good homes! They’re the hottest selling toy in the US right now and everybody wants one—and now’s your chance, because they’ve arrived exclusively for three weeks right here at Toys Paradise!

Each of these super-soft chenille plush animals are so cuddly you’ll never want to put it down. But they’re not just cuddly pets, because you just open the velcro straps on your pet’s belly, and he quickly opens out to become a snuggly pillow! When naptime is over, your pillow quickly transforms back into your best cuddly buddy.

Snuggly Puppy

Pillow Pets are perfect naptime companions and comforting friends for those long road trips or airplane rides.

There’s a Pillow Pet for everyone, and every child will quickly find their favourite. Ms Lady Bug is buzzing with cheer, thanks to her huge smile, fun antennas and bright red and black plush fur. The Magical Unicorn, purple with a white mane and tail, will fly away with your heart! What’s black and white and soft all over? It’s Comfy Panda! Straight from the South Pole, the adorable black and white Penguin will win you over with his sweet face and even cuter yellow beak. Your child will love the Monkey, a brown bundle of fun with an especially silly grin! Snuggly Puppy is a tan-colored canine that delivers all the sweetness and softness of a real puppy!

Make sure you check out the entire range before you choose your very own snuggly soft pet.

Be quick before they all run off to their new homes—grab a cuddly Pillow Pet or two today!

Pillow Pets have won the 2009 iParenting Media ‘Excellent Product’ Award, the 2009 Dr. Toy ‘Best Vacation Product’ Award, and the The Mr. Dad Seal of Approval, not to mention being the product of choice of donation drives for many good causes.

All Pillow Pets products are recommended for ages 3 and up.