Pokemon: Pocket Monsters!


There are 649 species of Pokémon, so it’s time you started collecting! We have a great range of Pokémon figures, battle toys and soft toys so you can begin your collection or expand your existing one. Pokémon are incredibly popular toys and they aren’t going anyway—it’s the the second most popular video game-based media franchise in the world and these lovable critters have been around for fifteen years!

Become a Pokémon Champion by mastering the awesome game play experience of the Pokémon Pop ’n Battle Launcher With Attack Target! Place the Pokémon inside the launcher and try to hit the attack target. The target snaps closed on the Pokémon on a successful attack, and gives you a score.

Four of your favourite Pokémon characters are available as Pop ’n Battle Launchers:

Pikachu is known as the mascot of the Pokémon franchise and a major representative of Nintendo’s collective mascots. It’s a short, chubby, ground-dwelling rodent-like Pokémon notable for its electric abilities.

Tepig is a pig-like Pokémon that can blow fire from its snout and is very nimble and able to dodge attacks with ease.

Oshawatt is a water-type Pokémon that looks a bit like a sea otter and lives mainly in water. It can fight skillfully by detaching the scalchop on its belly, which can be used as a sword, shield, or boomerang.

Snivy is a reptilian grass-type Pokémon, smart and calm, that absorbs energy in the sunlight through the leaf on its tail, making it more powerful, faster and more agile.

MincchinoIf you’re a Pokémon collector, or just prefer something a lot more cuddly, we have some fantastic Pokémon mini plush toys. Just look at the blue, shaggy creature that is the Woobat (they live in dark forests and caves, sleeping stuck on the walls by their nostrils), or the cute little Minccino, a furry, gray-colored chinchilla Pokémon, that has a tail it uses like a broom to clean its den!

Snivy is here again as a cuddly mini plush toy, as well as Tepig and Oshawatt.

Some other Pokémons that come as soft toys are Pidove, a pigeon-like Pokémon; Sandile, a crocodilian Pokémon that burrows through the sand; Axew, a greenish dinosaur-like Pokémon with regenerating tusks; Deerling, which looks like a deer but whose appearance changes with the changing of the seasons; Pansage, a friendly forest-dwelling Pokémon whose leaves can relieve exhaustion; Drilbur, who is mole-like and a skilled digger; and Munna, a floating pink creature that eats dreams!

3 packBut the crazy Pokémon collecting doesn’t stop there! Pokémon also come in a wide range of collectible figures in single packs and three-packs, so you can collect your favourites. Pikachu, Tepig, Woobat, Axew, Munna, Deerling, Oshawatt, Zekrom, Reshiram, Zorua, Zorouark, and Patrat all come in single packs.

In the three-packs, you can collect Drilbur, Tepig & Munna, Munna, Tepig & Pikachu, Zoroark, Sandile & Oshawott, Darmanitan, Oshawott & Pansage, Snivy, Zorua & Pidove, and Minccino, Snivy & Axew.

The attack figures stand on attack bases matching their element type that shoot attack discs! They come with 4 discs. Tepig on his base of fire, Snivy on his woodland base, Oshawatt on a base of waves and water, and finally Pikachu on a base of yellow lightning!

With so much to choose from, there’s a Pokémon critter for everyone. Start collecting now!