What’s Hot: Pull Along Zebra

Pull Along ZebraThere was a time when a pull-along toy was just a piece of wood roughly shaped like a horse on the end of a string, but we’re in the 21st century now and toys are much better designed!

The wooden Pull Along Zebra by Plan Toys has a beautiful, stylised design that makes it not just a toy, but almost a work of art. And when you pull this zebra along, his head nods up and down and the back rolls as the hind leg springs up and down in a wiggling motion, making a gentle rhythmical click-clack sound.

This gorgeous little zebra will not only become a favourite with young children and a special friend, but it can help to motivate them to walk and move around, and parents can use the zebra as a leading character in the stories they tell that help teach things like directions, stopping and going.

The Pull-Along Zebra is ideal for children aged 19 months and older, and is created from recycled rubber wood, colored with soy and water based non toxic inks, with rubber wheels which improve traction and a 50cm pull cord.