Radio Flyer Trikes and Tricycles

Every kid should have a tricycle when they’re growing up, and in this day and age when computer games are dominating childhood playtimes more and more, it’s especially important to buy toys that get kids active and playing outdoors.

Red RoadsterThat’s why a Radio Flyer trike or tricycle is the perfect present for young kids! Radio Flyer is a classic family-owned American company that started in 1917 in Chicago, with the dream of “bringing joy to every boy and every girl”. They’re known for safe, sturdy, quality toys—wagons, tricycles, scooters, trikes and bikes.

They’re also very cool! The award-winning Radio Flyer Little Red Roadster has a classic retro style and a shiny, durable all-steel body designed to withstand the kind of tough punishment only a child can dish out! The steering wheel is a real, working wheel, and the wheels are steel with rubber tyres. No cheap plastic here! Complete with a honking horn, the Red Roadster is sure to become one of those classic toys that a child aged 1-4 always comes back to, and remembers for years to come even when they’ve grown too big to ride it.

When they have grown a little older, it’s time to move on up to something with a little more ‘power’! The innovative Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll Trike is great fun for adults and kids alike and perfect for a safe transition between adult control and full trike independence! The adult can push and steer with the child’s feet resting on the pedals; or the handle can be removed so the child can pedal on their own. As expected, the frame is sturdy steel; and the seat can be adjusted as your child grows. There’s even a covered storage bin and a bell!

Lights & Sounds TrikeThe Radio Flyer Classic Lights & Sounds Trike is a super-cool red tricyle with an electronic dashboard with working turn signals, music, and a honking horn. The extra-long seat fits any height, and just like a real scooter, there’s under-the-seat storage for those special toys that need to be taken along for the ride.

Once your child is old enough for their first classic tricyle, you really can’t go past the classic quality of a Radio Flyer Duel Deck Tricycle. Coming in red or pink, this is the tricycle that will bring back fantastic memories for any adult, and is ready to create a whole new set of fun memories for your children. Durable steel construction, chrome handlebars and fender, a big 12-inch front wheel, and even those streamers that hang off the handlebars! And of course, not forgetting the chrome bell!

It’s always a pleasure to write an article about classic, well-made, time-tested toys, and these wonderful trikes and tricycles are the kind of toys that are fun from generation to generation. Radio Flyer—for 90 years a childhood icon!