What’s Hot: Air Hogs Remote Control Fly Crane

Air Hogs Remote Flying CraneUse your finely-tuned piloting skills to fly this rescue helicopter to a dangerous location and lower your crane to collect an emergency basket. Raise/retract the cargo and transport it to a safe location.

Repeat this mission a further two more times—and avoid crashing or dropping your baskets at all costs—or the mission is over!

This fantastic rescue helicopter with a built-in crane (with grapple hook) to lower and raise cargo—and your flying skills—are all you need to complete this mission of rescue and retrieval!

Available in red or yellow (sold separately).

Don’t let us down or it will be back to flying school for you!

The Air Hogs Remote Control Fly Crane includes 1 Air Hogs® Fly Crane, 1 Controller/Charger, 3 Baskets, and 1 User Instruction Guide. Requires 6 X AA batteries (not included).