Role-playing is magical

While Superman, , Cinderella, Tinkerbell and Fireman Sam attend Barbie & Ken’s wedding,  they are attacked by pirates and sharks! Everybody screams and shouts, but Superman comes to the rescue. He flies everyone to Cinderella’s castle and Tinker bell uses her magical tricks to decorate the entire castle with beautiful flowers. Fireman Sam, then suddenly feels the need to be more important than the rest and decides to become a holy priest who marries Barbie & Ken.

This is no real fairytale story, but a group of little kids using their imagination to play different roles and have fun. For them this is probably an adventure that takes them to a different time and place altogether! Children are naturally drawn to role play—the magical art of imitation and make believe

If you have a child, you probably hear these things all the time.. But role play is more than fun…it’s one of the primary components of learning. According to child development experts, role play helps children acquire all kinds of skills and knowledge, encouraging them to:

  • Explore imagination
  • Safely explore the world beyond
  • Think in the abstract
  • Acquire language skills
  • Build social skills
  • Discover leadership skills
  • Acquire confidence and a sense of self
  • Problem solve
  • Understand someone else’s perspective
  • Learn essential life skills from adults

There are different types of role play, and they help serve different purposes. Encourage them all…and nurture your child’s natural gifts. Everything from playing Dress-up, re-enacting stories, acting out real life scenarios to imitating mum and dad. . . What child doesn’t benefit from that?