Saturators: The Ultimate Water Blasters!


Arm yourself for the ultimate in water fun with these awesome motorized water blasters! The Saturators STR200 and STR210 feature a water ‘on’ or ‘off’ switch, blasting sound effects, and spinning lights!

If you’ve ever been caught in the open with a water gun that’s run dry, you need an awesome Saturator motorized water blaster! No more running to the tap for a refill in the middle of a battle—all Saturators have reloadable water magazines to keep you loaded, plus an automatic motorized blasting mechanism that fires off 4 bullets of water every second.

The Saturators require 4 AA batteries (not included), and be careful not to fully submerge them in water or you’ll damage the electrical parts.

With the amazing Saturators, you’ll be saturated in no time! They’re the ultimate in water combat fun!

The STR210 Hydro Blaster is the ultimate saturator! It comes equipped with a 160cc removable magazine and shoots using a jet propulsion operation that can soak a target from up to 6 metres away! It features 2 operating modes so you can blast the opposition with spinning lights and sound, or add water to soak them as well! A mesmeric spinning light show inside the two transparent chambers of the blaster combines with realistic gun sound effects to make this water pistol a real assault on the senses!

Saturator 200The STR200 Water Cannon blasts water up to 6 metres away and comes with a spare magazine so you’ll never get caught out without ‘ammo’. Like the Hydro Blaster, it features spinning lights and sound effects, with or without the water firing.

Check out the other fantastic Saturators in the Satirator range as well: the Saturator Motorized Water Blaster STR60 and 2 mag STR60 Accessory Pack; the Saturator Motorized Water Blaster STR70 and 2 mag STR70 Accessory Pack; and the Saturator Motorized Water Blaster STR80 and 2 mag STR80 Accessory Pack.