Serious Young Scientists

Test Tube KitsOne of my very favourite toys as a child was my chemistry set. It was a fantastic wooden box full of all kinds of strange powders and liquids, test tubes and glass rods and other bits and pieces, and with it you could create the most amazing reactions and experiments. I never knew exactly what I was doing, but strange mixtures would fix, colours would change, and more often than not some evil-smelling mixture would end up burning a hole in Mum’s carpet. It was huge fun!

Another childhood obsession was a big electronics kit. It was a box full of connectors, wires and plugs, and you’d connect different coloured wires to different relays and batteries to light up LEDs and learn about electrical connections, voltage and amplitude.

I never ended up being a scientist, but I’m sure a lot of the intelligent and learned people who dedicate their lives to increasing our knowledge of the world started with a chemistry set or an electronics kit when they were young. Sadly, this kind of educational toy seems to have gone out of fashion—perhaps this has something to do with society’s misguided fascination with the latest silly New Age theory that pops up every other week! Which is why I was so excited to see the range of Science Museum UK Experiment Kits available at Toys Paradise.

These wonderful kits are branded from the UK’s Science Museum, and are carefully selected to reflect the values of the museum and educational curriculums. The Science Museum was founded in 1857 as part of the South Kensington Museum, and gained independence in 1909. Today it is world renowned for its historic collections, awe-inspiring galleries and inspirational exhibitions.

Avalanche kitEach of the Science Kits focusses on a science subject and makes it fun, and comes complete with a full colour illustrated instruction booklet. Discover the magic of water (without getting too wet) with the Water Experiment Kit; or make your own avalanches and mudslides—and learn about what they are and where they can be found—with the Avalanche Kit.

Measure the weather and record the changes with the Busy Book Weather Explorer—it comes with graphic discs, wind cups, thermometer, a tube and metal rod, a funnel, chart stickers, measuring cup, and weather chart.

Everything you need to create amazing bubble effects (and learn how they’re made) is in the Busy Book: Bubble Explorer, which includes slides, fluted plastic, elastic bands, straws, interlocking wire strips, glycerol, a measuring cup, a funnel, ready-to-use bubble solution, and a plastic container for soap solution.

The Test Tube: Shadows is a compact science kit packaged in a fun test tube container, with four exciting experiments: Draw Your Shadow, Standing Tall, Shadow Puppets, and Make a Shadow Clock.

I think science kits are a fantastic way to open up young minds to all the incredible possibilities of experimenting, forming theories and testing them, and understanding the importance of evidence and scientific processes.

So why not grab one (or more) of these amazing kits for your serious young scientist today?