Sofia The First – Disney Princess story with a twist.

Parents have shown concern about young girls being swamped with princess culture and this concern is being addressed by Disney, the biggest global purveyor of princess characters on television and film.

Disney has launched it’s latest character, Sofia the First,  in Australia and overseas with a modern twist to the story – the princess is not rescued.

It is believed that Disney has carefully developed this new character based on a perceived parental backlash against princess culture and its associated merchandising. Disney has realized that parents are more savvy these days and they don’t want to restrict their young daughters to the idea the princess needs to be rescued.

The general manager of Disney Junior Worldwide, Nancy Kanter, said the company is unlikely to create another princess being saved by someone ”on a white horse”. She also said “ We’re not suggesting you just sit and wait for somebody to ride up on a white horse and take you away. You have to make your own life, you have to decide who you want to be and go after it and be that person.”in an exclusive interview with Fairfax before attending the ASTRA television conference in Sydney this week.

Ms Kanter said Disney Junior is taking responsibility very seriously in delivering content to children. ‘She said ‘We made a very specific and conscious decision to make Sofia is a young
girl who is going to learn about what being a princess is about, not in a superficial way – not what dress you pick out or how sparkly is your tiara. We wanted her to be learning about what it takes to be a good person, what does it takes to be your own person,”

Check out the trailer of Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess.

Do you think Disney has taken a move in the right direction?