What’s Hot: Spirograph

SpirographFor over 30 years, Spirograph has dazzled children with its endless assortment of intricate, easy-to-create patterns. Invented way back in the early sixties by an engineer named Denys Fisher, Spirograph’s geometric patterns were beautifully in tune with the new popularity of geometric and psychedelic patterns. Spirograph won Toy of the Year and was the top selling toy in America soon after. Not only is it a very creative toy, but its geometric principles are educational as well.

Now, this classic design toy has a special feature that adds to the creative fun. Children can use a variety of shapes to turn Spirograph designs into exciting pictures! Kids can create their works of art using the idea booklet or mix and match patterns and shapes for all kinds of custom-made images.

Includes 7 gears, 1 gear template with built-in storage, 1 drawing template, 1 pen, paper and idea booklet.