What’s Hot: Spirograph

SpirographFor over 30 years, Spirograph has dazzled children with its endless assortment of intricate, easy-to-create patterns. Now, this classic design toy has a special feature that adds to the creative fun. Children can use a variety of shapes to turn Spirograph designs into exciting pictures! Kids can create their works of art using the idea booklet or mix and match patterns and shapes for all kinds of custom-made pictures!

Includes 7 gears, 1 gear template with built-in storage, 1 drawing template, 1 pen, paper and idea booklet.

Spirograph may be a toy, but there’s some amazing mathematical principles at work that can inspire and excite young minds. The curves it creates are technically known as hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. And drawing tools based on gears have been around since 1908, when ‘The Marvelous Wondergraph’ was advertised in the Sears catalog. The British engineer Denys Fisher developed the Spirograph we know and love—and presumably gave it its a much catchier name—and first exhibited it in 1965 at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair. The following year Kenner Inc. marketed Spirograph sets as a creative children’s toy in the USA.

Inspire a whole new generation of kids with a fantastic Spirograph set!