What’s Hot: Splat Attack with Supasplat!

SupaSplatSupersplat!! Armed with your fantastic Supasplat paintball and water gun, you and your friends can take out any target on your personally designed blasting course! Of course you’d never start blasting your best mates, no …

These fantastic two-in-one guns not only shoot jets of water, but for supa fun, SupaSplat Balls as well! Plan your course, seek your target, and blast it with water soluable, non-toxic SplatBalls. Each Multi-Blaster magazine holds up to 10 SplatBalls, so you can lock, load and blast! Wash it off with water and you can start all over again, with refills sold separately. Or your Multi-Blaster doubles as a water gun!

The SupaSplat Paintball and Water Gun is an awesome idea for kids’ parties; you can set up games of target practice, blasting sheets of paper to make abstract art, and if the whole party turns into a big water-pistol fight, well, these things happen—it’ll certainly be fun, as long as you’re outdoors! Just don’t forget the safety glasses included!

The Supasplat Multi-Blaster: Paint Ball and Water Gun comes with a wipe clean, reusable target, a pair of toy glasses, and 20 Splat balls. Or get competitive with a friend with the SupaSplat Multi-Blaster Double Pack, which comes with 2 Multi-Blasters (with 4 Splatball tubes), 2 pairs of toy glasses, 2 reusable targets, and 2 sets of 100 Splatballs!

SplatBalls come in handy refill jars of 100 balls and 250 balls. Remember, they’re water-soluable and non-toxic!