Squinkies: Surprise Inside!


SquinkiesSquinkie? What’s a Squinkie? Well, it’s one of the hottest toys around! A Squinkie is a pint sized character—babies, pets, ponies, kitties and puppies—designed to fit into gumball shells and go into their very own gumball machine. Soft, squishy and always fun, Squinkies are enormously cute. Some of them fit on pencil tops, and some have their own little toys that you can play with inside their gumball machine playsets. There’s a big range of accessories to choose from!

Squinkies are little ‘squooshy’ animals or people with huge eyes designed to appeal to children. There are about eighteen different designs for the little babies, a ton of ‘people’ characters, about fifty pets, and plenty of horses, puppies and kitties. There is a Squinkie for the pickiest kids!

Grab an assorted Bubble Pack or two and bring your child all the excitement of discovering the ‘surprise inside’ with 16 Squinkies characters in each pack. Look out for special rare Squinkies in the bubble packs that you can’t get in the playsets!

Talking about playsets, there are heaps to choose from, and they all come with Squinkie figures in their own bubbles. The Shopping Fun Surprise is a gorgeous little jeweled case that’s the perfect place to hide your special treasures—and your Squinkies of course. The Tea Time Surprise! Playset features four tea time cups and a tea pot gumball dispenser for when your friends come over to play, and there’s also the Gumball Surprise! Playset—both include 5 Squinkie characters, 5 containers and 4 coins.

That’s not all! Check out the jewelry cases: the Royal Friends Surprise, Under The Sea Surprise and the Bride To Be Suprise cases. They all come with 3 Squinkies included.

Cupcake SurpriseThe gumball machines that go with the Squinkie Surprise toy sets are storage and play area in one—and you can dispense the Squinkies, just like gumballs! The biggest and best are the Cupcake Surprise! Bake Shop Deluxe Playset—cupcake shaped of course, and it opens into a bakery—and the Gumball Surprise Playhouse Deluxe Playset, a big gumball machine that opens into a magical playhouse. Each playset comes with 9 collectible ‘squooshy’ Squinkies friends and pets in their own bubbles, that roll out when you insert the plastic coins and twist the dial!

There’s even more Squinkies fun! The Squinkies Share & Wear BraceletsBirthday Surprise!, Fantasy Surprise!, and Princess Surprise! are sure to be a big hit with kids—they come with Squinkies that attach to the ring and bracelet included.

So add a little Squinkie to your life with these big eyed little people and animals! Squinkies are great for kids who love collecting, anyone who likes to play pretend, and they make a great reward for kids. There’s no doubt that Squinkies are going to be the bestselling toy of the year—there’s even an Nintendo DS game by Activision on the way that brings the squishy, pint-sized characters to life on a magical adventure.

Find the surprise inside with Squinkies!