Star Wars Transformers Crossovers

What’s better than Star Wars? What’s better than the Transformers? Well, the Star Wars Transformers Crossovers of course!

Put two of the biggest science-fiction franchises together and you get twice the awesome fun—a vehicle and a character in the same toy! These exciting warrior figures are twice the trouble for the enemies that try to take them on—covert them from Star Wars character mech mode to vehicle mode—and back again!

The Star Wars vehicles are perfect for chasing after your fleeing opponents. Once you’ve caught the bad guys smash them by converting your vehicle to your character in battle armour, wielding the pure mech power to fight any foe! It’s the ultimate one-two punch in one figure!

Star Wars Transformers

Captain Rex to AT-TE
Captain Rex pilots his AT-TE attack cruiser into combat, firing the vehicle’s weapons into the massive ranks of battle droids and super battle droids. The clone captain is surrounded on all sides, but he has a devastating surprise for his attackers: he changes his AT-TE into a huge mech that sweeps down upon the droids!

Captain Rex to Freeco Speeder
Captain Rex goes to Orto Plutonia to investigate possible Separatist activity. Riding a freeco speeder, he leads his clone trooper battalion in an attack on an army of battle droids. The clone captain morphs his freeco speeder into a mighty mech and smashes through a wall of armored tank droids!

Clone Gunner to Republic Fighter Tank
The clone gunner aims his Republic fighter tank at the droid battalion. He blasts the mechanized warriors with his laser cannons, but more droids pour in and replenish their ranks. It’s time to hit the enemy hard, so the gunner converts his tank into a menacing mech that single-handedly wipes out the entire droid battalion!

Star Wars TransformersYoda to Republic Attack Shuttle
Yoda flies an Republic attack shuttle to negotiate with a system that wants to join the Republic. When he arrives at the meeting place, he discovers it’s a trap—battle droids attack his ship! The Jedi Master uses the power of the Force to change the shuttle into a mighty mech to demolish the droids!

Cad Bane to Cad Bane’s Xanadu Blood
Cad Bane has attacked the Senate building on Coruscant and escaped with hostages in his ship the Xanadu Blood. Anakin chases him to a nearby planet and frees the captives. As Anakin is about to capture Bane, the bounty hunter unleashes a nasty surprise: he converts his ship into a huge mech that attacks the Jedi!

Lieutenant Thire to Republic Attack Cruiser
Lieutenant Thire prepares his squad of clone troopers aboard the Republic attack cruiser. Vulture droids and droid bombers are attacking Coruscant, and it is Thire’s mission to stop them. Thire activates the cruiser’s morphing technology and changes the ship into a mammoth mech that drives back the swarming aerial droids.

These awesome Star Wars Transformers are available now!