Stika-Lulu The Ultimate Sticker Collection!!!

Collect Swap, Trade & Style these amazingly crazy, colourful, alternative and wild stickers from all around the world & build your ultimate collection!!!!

The amazing girls at the Lulu Studio are from different parts of the world. Their super cool artistic skills, love for art and an eye for style has led to the launch of their first art collection in the form of these amazing swap card stickers!

We have pretty Yumi the Japanese beauty, Foxy Poppy the pop-art queen, Spooky Scarlett, the princess of the night and cheeky Missy the hip hop skater. Meet the new girls form Stika-Lulu & their cute pets:

•NAME: Poppy
•BORN: London
•COLLECTION: Totally Pop
•FACTS: Always smart and on time, Poppy is a girl who holds herself high and makes a difference!
•FAV COLOUR: Rainbow!
•FAV FOOD: Cherry Soda!
•PET PEEVE: When someone pops her blow up couches!
•BFF: Missy
•PET: A little Fox named Jasper
•BIO: Hello sweet cakes!
My Name is Poppy and I’m from Britain. I just love pop art and my designs will rock this world!
Poppy’s pet is a little fox called Jasper.
Everyday Poppy will go for a skate and if you look closely you may notice Jaspers head sticking out of her backpack!
Poppy spends her free time roller skating, taking photos of the girls and eating ice cream.

Poppy’s Pet – JASPER:
•NAME: Jasper
•SEX: Boy
•BORN: London
•PERSONALITY: Always happy and wagging his tail, Jasper Loves to play ball and is always full of energy!
•FAVE FOOD: Chocolate chip doggy treats.
•BFF: Kisa the Ferret.
Poppy found Jasper all alone in the woods when he was just a tiny little puppy.
Thinking he was an abandoned dog she took him home and raised him lovingly.
But before she knew it Jasper grew into a beautiful great Fox and not a normal dog at all! Excited with this discovery, Jasper was now an extra special pet that had grown a fiery red coat of fur that Poppy absolutely adored! Jasper is lucky to have such a wonderful caring friend.

•NAME: Yumi
•BORN: Tokyo
•PERSONALITY: Very loud and bubbly, always laughing and singing!
•FAVORITE COLOUR: All baby colours! Pastel is just so cute!
•FAVE FOOD: Cakes, strawberries and chocolate pandas!
•PET PEEVE: Days that are too hot or too cold to dress up.
•BFF: Scarlett
•FAVE STYLE: Kawaii, it means Cute!
•PET: Ferret named Kisa
BIO: Konichiwa!
My name is Yumi and I’ve come all the way from Japan to bring you Sticker Cuteness! Collect my Kioko designs and you can be cute too!
Kisa is a very special ferret because her soft fluffy fur is PINK! She spends her days rolling around with her ball or running through toy tunnels.
Yumi is a big fan of cute Japanese fashions and showing off her big princess dresses, she is always the belle of the ball! She also loves watching cartoons!

Yumi’s Pet – KISA:
•NAME: Kisa
•SPECIES: Ferret
•SEX: Girl
•BORN: Japan
•PERSONALITY: Crazy and wild Kisa loves to run around, jumping, rolling and even doing flips! Very sneaky she also loves to hide things!
•FAVE FOOD: Chicken and Jaspers Dog biscuits!
•BFF: Jasper
Kisa is a special ferret because she has wonderful Pink fur! How did this happen? Well when Kisa was a baby she fell in a tub of Yumi’s pink paint! She was very lucky Yumi got her to the vet in time! The wonderful nurses there took care of her and made sure she didn’t get sick, but the pink never washed out!
Now sneaky little Kisa gets lost in Yumi’s pink house and this is why Yumi has to keep a bell on her!

•NAME: Scarlett
•BORN: Paris
•COLLECTION: Moonstruck
•PERSONALITY: Shy, always giggling and smiling. Loves dressing up in crazy cool fashions with BFF Yumi.
•FAVORITE COLOUR: Pink and Black
•FAVE FOOD: Candy Floss and Liquorice
•PET PEEVE: Bad hair days and early mornings!
•BFF: Yumi
•PET: A spider named Cupcake.
•BIO: Love at First Fright!
I’m Scarlett and I come from France. Oh! And my pink hair is just freaky fun!
Scarlett has a cute little spider named Cupcake, she can usually be found cuddling Scarlett’s shoulder or sleeping in her coffin shaped handbag.
Scarlett loves scary movies and console gaming.
This spooky princess loves to stay up all night, painting, listening to music and hanging with her friends.

 Scarlett’s Pet – CUPCAKE:
•NAME: Cupcake
•SPECIES: Spider
•SEX: Girl
•BORN: France
•PERSONALITY: Quiet and shy, this little spider just wants to be loved. Longing to be cute, Cupcake loves cuddles and all things pretty!
•FAVE FOOD: Little bugs she catches in her webs. But won’t eat butterflies because they are beautiful.
•BFF: Dash
One day when Scarlett was a little girl, she went exploring in her Nanas attic and soon found that she had been locked in by accident. Scared and alone, she began to cry. Suddenly a tiny little spider came out from the dark and looked up at her with big bright eyes.
“Are you stuck here too?” Scar asked.
Finally when her parents rescued her from her hiding place, Scarlett took the little spider home in her pocket because she knew no one wanted to be left alone in the dark.
After naming her Cupcake because she was so cute and small, they became close friends. Now years later Cupcake has grown to the size of a Cupcake and wears a beautiful Pink bow.

•NAME: Missy
•BORN: New York
•PERSONALITY: Happy, outgoing, strong willed and proving to the boys that girls can do anything!
•FAVORITE COLOUR: Green and Yellow
•FAVE FOOD: Hot Dogs and Milkshakes.
•PET PEEVE: Boys who think girls can’t do the same thing as them!
•BFF: Poppy
•FAVE ART STYLE: Street art!
•PET: A ring tailed lemur named Dash.
•BIO: Hey Girlfriend!
I’m Missy from the U.S.A and I’m here to show you art from the street.
Missy’s pet is a ring tailed Lemur called Dash. Dash likes to climb up high places and paint with his long beautiful tail!
Missy is a big fan of Hip Hop, Break dancing, Skateboarding and showing boys that girls can do anything!

 Missy’s Pet – DASH: 
•NAME: Dash
•SPECIES: Ring Tailed Lemur
•SEX: Boy
•BORN: New York City Zoo
•PERSONALITY: Cheeky and Adventurous, Sometimes naughty but loves cuddles.
•FAVE FOOD: Flowers and Fruit.
•BFF: Cupcake the Spider.
Lemurs in the wild sometimes eat spiders! Ewwww! But when Dash met Scarlett’s pet Spider for the first time; he thought she was a fluffy soft toy and they quickly became friends! They are now the best of friends, who love spending time going on adventures and climbing high places.
Dash has also been in Missy’s family for years! Raised at Central Park Zoo by Missy’s Mother, he was soon brought home to be apart of the family for Missy’s 13th Birthday! Ever since the two have been like brother and sister, causing trouble and staying the best of friends!