Super Spy Net – Real Tech, Real Spies

What you’re about to read is highly classified! Spy Net takes high end electronics and interactive gadgets and puts them in the hands—and on the wrists—of young secret agents. For undercover surveillance, detection and communication, Spy Net provides all the technology you’ll need to tackle any secret mission!

Spy Net provides agents with an impressive range of high-tech gadgets for use in the field—whether you’re listening in on your sister’s gossip or just thwarting the evil plans for world-domination of a mad scientist…

Secret Mission Video Watch
The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch is the core must-have gadget for any secret agent. This quality piece of tech kit features a real video camera and inbuilt microphone. You can record approximately 20 minutes of video and audio, or up to 4 hours of audio alone; take photographs and time-lapse shots as well. It also has a lie-detector function that, after calibration, analyzes the tension level of a person’s speech and detects if they are telling the truth or not. There’s even a built-in voice altering function! The Secret Mission Video Watch comes with a USB battery charger and links to your PC. Oh—and it tells the time, of course!

Rear View Spy Glasses
Even the best spy can have a dastardly henchman sneak up behind him now and again, and that would spell disaster if you didn’t have the Spy Net Rear View Spy Glasses on your face. Not only can you keep track of everything going on behind you without turning around, but they look pretty cool too. And let’s face it, looking sharp is an important part being a super spy!

Flex Net Snake Spy Cam
Once you’ve disposed of that henchman, you’ll need to see what’s around that next corner. Bring out your Flex Net Snake Spy Cam and connect it to your Secret Mission Video Watch to see around, above and below obstacles. Also works as a web cam for your PC (not MAC compatible).

Secret Identity Voice Changer
Of course it’s vital for a secret agent to be able to establish and maintain his or her secret identity. That’s where the Secret Identity Voice Changer is an essential piece of kit. Disguise your voice and trick fellow agents and enemies. The voice changer features 6 modes and effects.

Voice Recording Spy Pen
Sure, the Voice Recording Spy Pen looks like a normal pen, but in fact it’s packed with technology. Record conversations and secrets, save your files and upload them to your PC with the hidden USB connection and unlock the lie detector technology online.

The official Spy Net HQ website has a fantastic range of Flash games so you can hone your super spy skills. Get the tech, get the skills, and good luck in the field, agent!

Spy Netreal tech, real spies.