Teddy & Friends Are Always There!

Teddy & Friends

Everybody loves a fluffy friend, and a teddy bear can become a very special friend that can last for generations. 100% Australian owned, Teddy & Friends has been making teddies and other soft and cuddly companions since the 80s.

Di8d you know that the name ‘Teddy’ for bears comes from Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States from 1901 to 1909? The first person to make a stuffed toy bear and sell it in his shop sent one to the president to ask for his permission to call it ‘Teddy’s Bear’. It wasn’t long before they became a craze and everyone from ladies to children carried one around—and Roosevelt used one as a mascot in his bid to be re-elected. Now there are Teddy Bear museums throughout the world and some have become collector’s items. But the best thing about a teddy bear is that they can quickly become a child’s very special friend, and it’s a friendship that can last a lifetime.

MarvinMarvin is a wonderful 41cm teddy bear that’s sure to be a special friend for many, many years to come. He’s super soft and comes in cream and tan colours.

Frankie is a gorgeous 40cm bear with a cute ribbon who comes in lots of colours, not just brown! It’s very hard to choose, since Frankie comes in green, lilac, brown, cream and even blue—with matching coloured ribbon of course!

Or how about a cute little teddy Bear in a Box? They’re the perfect little gift for someone special. These gorgeous little 13cm cuddly teddies come in brown or white.

Costa is 40cm, comes in tan and gold, and is dressed up with a very dashing organza ribbon.

Ezra is a bear that’s a little smaller but just as cute— with a ‘mohair look’ that makers him extra fluffy. He comes in brown and cream versions.

And with Easter coming up, what better gift than a Teddy & Friends fluffy bunny? The Connie bunnies come in four fantastic bright, happy colours—turquoise, hot pink, lime, and yellow. These cheerful, super soft bunnies come with embroidered feet and rattle and squeak sounds, for extra cuddly fun.

There’s no shortage of soft and cuddly bears and bunnies awaiting loving owners on our shelves right now—so give a fluffy friend a home!