Test Tube Aliens: Pure Evil!

Test Tube Aliens

The invasion has begun! Are you ready to stand up for the survival of your species?

Test Tube Aliens are pure evil beings sent to Earth to enslave humans. You must hatch them and keep them alive to learn their dark secrets and prevent the ultimate destruction of our planet. Our survival is in your hands!

Each Test Tube Alien comes as a chrysalis which hatches when submerged in water in the accompanying test tube. As you bring life to your unborn alien it will detect light and its electronic heart will start to beat. Add the special growing potion provided—a nutrient rich slime called ‘Sloog’—and over a 14 day period the Alien will grow to around 8 times its birth size.

Log your Alien into www.testtubealiens.com, hold it to the screen and it will immediately flash to signal that it has received special messages in the research lab that will help you decode what the alien is saying! Take control of your alien and interrogate him until he confesses what he knows about the invasion of our planet. It won’t be easy and you will have to be clever to trick your alien into sharing his secrets with you. Failure is not an option!

Each Pure Evil Alien pack contains a Test tube, Stopper, Pipette, Hatching Pod, Chrysalis, Food, and Slime.


Sorom is the Pure Evil Alien leader and the highest ranking Alien currently on Earth. The twsited brains behind this wave of the invasion, he is a planner and strategist, demanding total loyalty and uncompromising obedience—even from total strangers. His eyes can see straight into a victim’s brain, giving him the power to manipulate thoughts and control the victim’s bodily functions! Not to mention a grotesque tail capable of squeezing out guts like a toothpaste tube!

Urg gave himself the nickname ‘Armed and Dangerous’, and insists everyone calls him that! He can handle multiple weapons at once in his 16 arms—but he’s also called ‘The Big Stink’ behind his back because of the smell from his 16 armpits. Urg enjoys creating huge ‘Ka-Boom!’ bomb explosions—not to mention blasting his own ‘Ka-Booms!’ from deep inside his gas-filled tail, and shooting corrosive acid from between his teeth. And 16 hands and arms give him the rare ability to rip defeaning arm farts that rattle windows and make babies cry!

Koth is a chemical and bio-nuclear engineering expert. He is always dead serious, focussed and single-minded. The grumpiest and grouchiest of all the Pure Evil Aliens, he’ll snap at you if he’s not in the mood for chit-chat! Koth uses his super-sensitive hearing to listen in on your thoughts and use them to his advantage—he knows your favourite colour and the password to your combination lock!

Atan is known as ‘the deceiver’—most cunning liar of all the aliens. Or so he says … Atan is a spellbinding storyteller with a unique ability to tell bedtime stories that put children to sleep—fast! Cover-ups, scams, misdirection and conspiracies are his specialties. He has infared eyes to mind control his victims into embarrassing themselves; and his crunch-grip legs will crack anything—including his enemies!

Zurc is known as ‘The Enforcer’ and is the strongest and fiercest of all the Pure Evil Aliens. He bullies everyone, even other bullies, and can’t stand to have his authority questioned. His razor-sharp teeth can turn a lake full of fish into tasty sushi in minutes!

Vako is the ‘computer geek with the vicious streak’—the most techno-savvy of the Pure Evil Aliens yet totally clueless about his disgusting personal hygiene and grooming issues. He is brilliant at turning us humans’ own computer, wireless and web technology against us—but he regularly gets sick to his stomach from the cyber viruses and worms he creates. Vako is extremely sarcastic, snarky and obnoxious, even for an Alien, and uses his nail-tipped hands for his deadly slap attacks!

Your mission is simple: bring the Test Tube Aliens to life! The better you treat ’em, the longer they live…

… Keep them alive (if you dare)!