The World of Tomica


The World of Tomica is Here!

Discover a place where road and rail connect together and watch as hi-tech trains speed around the track, or travel around the city streets by car. If the streets get too busy, build a railway network towering above the city, reaching as high as your imagination will take you. Tomica is a world of imagination that’s waiting for you to visit! Tomica brings together a network of trains and cars, with the freedom to build your very own Tomica Town.

The possibilities are endless and so is the fun! Whether you’re crazy for cars or totally mad for trains, the world of Tomica has something for you.

Tomica even has its very own emergency services, HyperCity Rescue, who are always on hand to keep the streets safe!

The Tomica Starter Rail Pack will help to get you started on building your own world of Tomica. A railway station is a great place where the citizens of Tomica can get to their destinations in Tomica Town quickly. The starter rail set includes a 2-speed train, Tomi-Kid figure, a circular track layout, crossing barrier and clear tunnel.

The City Express Set is an exciting playset with lots to do and discover. It includes a 2-speed motorised train, large oval track, train station platform, figure of eight road layout, Tomica diecast car and Tomi-Kid figure. Watch as the train goes past the car, up the sloping rail, through the clear tunnel, stops at the station and then zooms down the sloping track again. Add diecast vehicles you already own onto the road layout to create your own races and adventures. And add this set to other Tomica playsets and accessories to build up your ultimate creative world of fun and adventure.

Come on board the City Train CT1000 or the City Train CT2000 and on a journey around the new exciting Tomica World full of roads, tracks and destinations. Both trains include an engine which can be set to 2 speeds, and 3 carriages to help carry passengers to their destination!

Once your transport network is in place, it‘s time to add the places that make up your world! Every town needs a car park—insert your parking card to gain entry into the Tomica Car Park where there is room for 8 parking spaces. Move the levers to elevate cars and make more space. Then head into town for some shopping!

Why not grab a pizza at the Hypercity Pizza Pizza? When the people of Tomica get hungry they always order from the Pizza Pizza takeaway shop. Order your food and use the Pizza man figure to deliver it to the address on the included scooter. The takeaway also features car parking spaces, pavements, road signs, trees and various other accessories.

Pull your car up at Petrol Station for a refill. Use the scroller on the side of the gas pump to choose from regular to premium gas. While you’re waiting for your car to fill up, visit the convenience store with real sliding and opening doors. Push down on the button on top of the building and watch the doors slide open and close. Don’t forget to get a free car wash afterwards! Slide the car wash back and forth to simulate real car washing.

The Repair Garage is ready for you if your car needs repairs. Raise the car on the garage ramp to check underneath or go into the repair shop by pressing the button on the roof.

If it’s time for a brand new car, you might want to visit the Honda Showroom with its manually controlled showroom display! Turn the sign on the roof to rotate the turntable inside the showroom, and press the button on the roof to slide the shop entrance doors open!

Calling control, we have a situation on the corner of Tomica high street and station road. All units to despatch! Sirens blast as the police car rushes to the scene! Control, we have a visual, suspect is escaping down the highway. Helicopter is cleared for takeoff and is taking pursuit!

Hypercity RescueOnce your Tomica world is up and running, keep things in order with the HyperCity Rescue Police HQ, an all-action command centre complete with realistic sound effects, flashing lights, police car, helicopter, control room, helipad, Tomi-Kid policeman and more! Use the elevator car lift to transport the police car to the car launcher and watch as it shoots down the 3 different level ramps ready for action.

Remember, we have lots more accessories to help you build your very own Tomica world. Welcome to Tomica Town!