Top 12 Recommended Activities at Home for Spring School Holidays Part 2

Spring School holidays are one week closer and now it’s time to share our next 6 Top Recommended Activities for Spring School Holidays.

Boys & GIrls

  1. 7.       Backyard Olympic Games

As host nation, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the games are fun. As with our other suggested activities, it’s all in the preparation.   So here’s what we recommend:

Step 1: Break into Teams

You’ll need at least four kids; however we recommend that you plan it with a couple of families to make it more interesting.  The easiest way to break into teams is to do it by height.  The two tallest on opposing teams and so and so.

Step 2: The Uniforms

This is another area where you can get arts and crafts involved.  Creating your own uniforms can be as simple as shirt colours or more involved using screen printing or colouring white shirts with their own designs.  Also wristbands, knee socks are also good for team colours.

Step 3:  Medals and Prizes

Plan to have some prizes.  These can be symbolic and you could even incorporate arts and crafts and have the kids make the medals beforehand.

Step 4: The Let the Games Begin!

Here are some ideas for events:

Event Description
Grass Gymnastics Firstly, using a can of water based athletic field paint (your hardware store should have some) paint a straight, even stripe on a flat section of lawn to stand in for a balance beam. (A standard beam is four inches wide by 16 feet long, if you’re feeling fastidious.) Then challenge team members to perform a series of increasingly difficult manoeuvres without straying from the stripe: walking backward; hopping on one foot; and doing cartwheels.
 Blindfold Croquet Did you know that Croquet made it to the 1900 Paris Olympic?  It didn’t catch on though and never made it back.   This is a team event where one team member must complete the course blindfolded, with only vocal cues from a single team member to guide him—which puts as much emphasis on communication and cooperation as on sheer mallet-wielding skill.  If you don’t have a croquet set handy, use one of dad’s old putters and tennis ball.  Wire coat hangers can be mouldered into the wickets.
Crab Walking Scramble Each team selects one member to compete in a crab-walk race—like a reverse crawl, on your hands and feet with your stomach facing up—from one side of the yard to the other and then back again.
Nerf Shooting Setting up a Nerf Shoot range with a target is an easy thing to do.  It’s as easy as chalk on a wall, or making a cardboard target.  And this isn’t just for the boys. Girls have Nerf Rebelle and this can be an archery type of competition.
Classic Kid Games The egg and spoon race, three legged races, sack races and tunnel ball are all fun games that can keep the kids interested.


 Classic Kid Games Toys Paradise




The Crab Walk!

  1. 8.       A Train or Bus Ride

For children that don’t catch the bus or train to school, going on one is a big adventure.  No matter if in a capital city or regional centre you will have access to a park. Make the trip to a park and have a picnic lunch.  You can actually combine a cooking aspect as well and have the kids prepare their own food.  Baking some muffins or a cake to have for an afternoon tea is fun to do and even more fun to eat.



  1. 9.       The Garden is a Great Adventure

The garden can be used for a few different activities.  Firstly there is always the science of planting a seed and watching it grow.  In order to create an event out of this, it’s best to have some mulch or new soil.  The best way to grow plants is to have a good foundation.  Ask the kids to clear some area of the garden by digging up around 20 centimetres deep and a metre square.  The soil can be placed to one side and then the kids can mix in the mulch to create a good soil mixture.    Then you can ask them to replace the soil and then plant the seeds.  Be sure to label what you’ve planted.  You can even plant old garlic cloves, onions and potatoes.

If planting is not your thing, the kids can create their own dinosaur world complete with smouldering volcanoes.   A volcano can be easily made by placing wet soil and sand around a tin can.  Inside the tin can you (the adult) can make a small fire with leaves.   Small ferns and bushes can be used as trees.   At Toys Paradise we have dinosaurs that can be used as props for that added bit of reality and adventure.   You can encourage photography as well by having the kids taking photos.

If dinosaurs are not your thing, a Safari could be the thing to plan in the garden and yard.  You could send the kids out to shoot (with a camera) the big five!  That’s the African Lion, African elephant, Cape Buffalo, African Leopard and the rhinoceros.   You can make this fun by hiding the Big Five around the house and yard.

We’d like to offer a $50 Gift Voucher to a Toys Paradise Member who posts the most like animal photo from their Big Five or Dinosaur shoot.

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  1. 10.   Room Change Around

It might sound like a bit of hard work, but with the child’s help, rearranging a room can give them some responsibilities of how they want to live.   It’s also a great opportunity for the Spring Clean and the kids are helping!  Again, with the combination of arts and crafts, you could even extend to painting and decorating.

  1. 11.   Role Play: The Kids’ Cafe

Combined with arts and crafts and cooking, you can let the kids design and create a café for the chef’s in the world.  You can actually split the responsibilities up with more kids.  Have the manager, the waiting staff and of course, you the customer.  This can make the lunch into an adventure.    Again, it’s all in the planning.   From creating the napkins, the menu and then the food.  All three courses!   Done correctly, this is a few hours.  Make sure one is also assigned the cleaning staff and it’s not just you!

  1. 12.   Remote Control Fun

Remote control is fun for both girls and boys and nowadays there are a myriad of vehicles to play with.  Some are inexpensive for the fun they bring or you can step up to confiscated.  Air Hogs is a great brand for remote control and offer fun vehicles such as the Air Hogs Hover Assault Eject – Black and for ground work the Air Hogs Hyper Actives 5 .  Remote control fun can be enhanced by creating courses and competitions (not that the kids will need incentives here to play longer).



Air Hogs Hover Assault Eject - Black

We hope that you found our recommendations interesting and would welcome any feedback on any other activities or how you went with some of the ones we recommended.   Thank you to those who entered and congratulations on those who won the Treasure Hunt Prizes last week.