Top 12 Recommended Activities at Home for Spring School Holidays Part 1.

Spring School holidays are only a couple of weeks away and while we like to plan some outings to the park or a short break, there will be sometimes when you’re at home with the kids and their friends.  No parent wants to have the only source of fun being the TV, an iPad or video games.  In moderation, they’re all fine, but we want to stimulate their minds in a creative and imaginative way.

So what are our Top 12 recommended activities for this school holidays for primary school kids.  In this article we’ll cover 6 of our recommended activities and next week we’ll look at another 6.  So here are our first 6 recommendations:

Boys & Girls

1.       Camping in the backyard, lounge room or garage

Kids love to camp, but we can’t always get away.   One way to provide the fun is set up a site in the backyard, lounge or kitchen.  If the camping ground is indoors, set down some old sheets and allow the kids to bring in some sticks, grass to create a camping atmosphere.  While sleeping bags would be great, blanks and mats can be used to sleeping and make sure you have plenty of torches as the lights will be off!  Tents can be from sheets and blankets as well.

Spring school holidays

For cooking at night use either your bbq or portable gas stove to cook food that you gathered off the land, whole fish, rabbit and stewed vegetables.  After all, we’re in the wild.   You could even go on to YouTube and find some sounds of the bush to play in the background.

2.       Art and Craft

There are plenty of arts and crafts activities that you can set up for the kids.  For the little ones plasticine and Play-Doh are evergreen activities that keep little ones playing for hours.     There are also many activities for older children including:

  • Jewellery, including bracelets and necklaces with Charm it!
  • Bags and scarfs with Threadz
  • Growing Mutant Monsters out of Crystals
  • Creating snow globes with Glitzi Globes
  • Painting and colouring.  Jolly Kidz Craft has many assorted Easels which make it easy to move the kids indoors or outdoors with their painting and drawing.
  • Paper planes and creating paper figures.   At Toys Paradise we have the 3D CubicFun Puzzle – Sydney Opera House .  It’s a bit more advanced than a paper plane, but a great paper project that will keep the kids engrossed with this famous landmark.


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3.       Cooking

Cooking is something that gives both girls and boys great joy.  Simply baking a cake or muffins from a pre-mix pack gives them great satisfaction.  For the more adventurous, create a cake from scratch.   You can even give the kids their own utensils  with Curious Chef.  With cooking, it’s important to keep a close eye them for the obvious reasons.


Spring kids activities

4.       Tree house or Cubby House

Kids love the adventure that a tree house or Cubby house can bring.  But it doesn’t have to be a structure that’s been built by a team of architects or engineers.   Old boxes, sheets and blankets could be used as well.  This lets their imagination grow wild.

5.       Treasure Hunts

We all take turns of having friends of kids and with a little preparation you can create a treasure hunt in your house that will keep the kids occupied for as long as you want.  The key to a great treasure hunt is to keep them engaged by offering small treasures along the way.  These could be even snacks or treats that their scheduled to have in any case.   The more preparation you put in, the more they will enjoy it and the more time you’ll have to relax while they hunt!  There are plenty of sites out there to give you great hints and ideas on how to make it a great activity.

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6.       Building and Engineering

Building blocks are more than Lego nowadays and since Lego’s patents lapsed there are alternatives that actually work with the Lego brick patterns.  Ausini Blocks  and Kre-O are two such Lego competitors that your kids can actually build with Lego.

The new kid on the block (the pun bell has just gone off) is Goldie BloxGoldie Blox and the Spinning Machine allow kids to design and create all sorts of different structures and contraptions.  Goldie Blox has been specifically designed with girls in mind.  Check out the video on Toys Paradise.

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Stay Tuned!

Next week well run through our next 6 recommendations for School Holiday activities.