Toy and Game Expo is only 2 weeks away!

The inaugural Toy and Game Expo will be held this Queens Birthday Long Weekend  (9th, 10th and 11th June) in Sydney  and it is shaping up to be a pretty amazing event!

 Already forced to double the size of the venue due to so much interest from exhibitors, the Toy and Game Expo is the place to be if you have any interest in toys or games! Games Paradise and Toys Paradise will have a starring role in the action as well, so make sure you go to check out all there is on offer!
 Highlights of the Expo include a giant NERF Dart Tag arena where you and your friends can battle it out in Nerf heaven, a Play-Doh pit where you can hands squishy and use the latest Play-Doh machines and a mega Lego pit where you can build your fantasy Lego machine.  You can even test out Razor scooters and Easy Rollers on our indoor test track.

For board game fans, tournaments for Settlers of Catan, Rummikub and Carcassone will all result in their winners being FLOWN to their respective world championships, in Europe and the US.

Another exciting part of the Expo will be the Games Library that will allow you to trial close to 150 board games. This is the biggest public access board game library in Australia, and chances are, if you’re looking for a game, it will be there.

Moose Toys and yours truly, Toys Paradise will be providing a whole jumble of The Trash Pack products, including some of their new releases. The Trash Pack is one of the fastest growing brands in the Australian toy market and we are super excited they’ll be bringing so much of their trash to dig through! Lucky visitors will be able to dig through the giant Trash Pack trash cans for the chance to find a golden bin, which will give a chance to win a super-rare “Grott Rocket”.

There is much more to the Expo than can be included in this little blurb, but we recommend checking out the website at to check out the whole range of activities that will be on offer. TICKETS are currently at a discount on the website, so get some soon before they’re all sold out!