Toy Story 3 Movie Magic!

Toy Story 3

I haven’t yet seen the new Toy Story film, but the reviews have been fantastic, and many of you probably have a little Buzz Lightyear or Woody running about the house who is going to absolutely love our fantastic range of Toy Story 3 merchandise! From dressing up as your favourite character and collecting action figures to advanced educational toys, we’ve got it all for the Toy Story 3 fan.

Buzz Lightyear
Buzz and his immortal catchphrase To infinity—and beyond! is one of the best-loved characters from the Toy Story series, and we’ve got all the intergalactic goodies for your little Buzz, including full outfits. Start with the Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Costume (ages 3-5), which has has pre-defined foam muscles built into the suit to give the bulky appearance of real chest muscles. Then add either the vinyl Inflatable Wings or the plastic Deluxe Action Wing Pack. After slipping into this deluxe backpack-style design, all they need to do is push a button on the chest plate and the wings automatically pop out, the tips light up and Buzz starts speaking his signature phrases! When tipped horizontally the Wing Pack’s sensors know you are flying and it makes flying sounds. Finally, the Wing Pack closes as quickly and easily as it opens.

Your budding Buzz will need something to fight off evil intergalactic aliens—how about the Ultra Blast Gauntlet? This awesome forearm cuff features a ‘laser’ light, sounds, and tons of firepower. Switch from laser mode to ultra blast mode with just the push of a button, and get those aliens in your sights with the the pop-up targeting scope!

Mixing fun with out-of-this-world learning, the Buzz Lightyear Talk & Tech Phone is a Buzz Lightyear shaped phone that encourages visualisation and memory skills. Press the 0-9 number buttons to learn Toy Story characters, numbers and letters, through three modes of play: Battery Hunt, Number Code and My Friends. Friendly characters, chunky buttons and stimulating games help develop your child’s visualisation skills and memory and help kids to identify numbers and their order. Pick up the handset to hear your voice distorted using 3 funny effects: alien, monster and robot! With lots of cheerful music and Buzz Lightyear’s real voice, it’s time to blast off into learning! The Talk & Tech Phone features parent-friendly features such as auto shut-off to preserve battery life, durable design for long-lasting play, and volume control for quieter playtime.

You can continue the intergalactic educational playtime with the Buzz Lightyear Learn & Go, which introduces an age-appropriate curriculum, including letters, vocabulary, spelling, logic, early computer skills and even some basic Spanish! The LCD animations and QWERTY-style keypad and 4 directional cursor encourage interactive and independent play, and friendly phrases—featuring the real voice of Buzz Lightyear—and cheerful music add to the play experience.

Toy Story Toys
Buzz Lightyear gets a lot of press, but there are heaps of other fantastic characters in Toy Story 3 that kids love. Every little boy of my generation had a bunch of plastic toy soldiers to play with, and you too can ‘leave no man behind’ with Andy’s Toy Bucket O Soldiers—a reusable storage bucket holding 72 soldiers, including 2 with parachutes, in a variety of soldier poses and weaponry. Includes Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity! Of course, whether you treat your soldiers in the style of Andy or Sid, is up to you..!

Action figures and collectibles are covered as well—check out the Movie Collectible Figure of Rex the Dinosaur. Rex and the other highly detailed figures in this range include collectible packaging, an original character sketch and an original character bio.

Or how about the Toy Story Collection RC Wireless Remote Control Car. He features independent left and right rear wheel drive for quick, on the spot pivoting, and autonomous roaming with obstacle avoidance smart sensors. Move RC forward, reverse or spin in either direction using the wireless remote control. Activate his amazing follow mode, talk to RC and he will spin around to face you. Continue talking to him and he’ll drive toward you! RC includes a Toy Story collection certificate of authenticity.

There are so many awesome Toy Story 3 products we can’t fit them in one article, but be sure to check out some of them today, and bring the magic of Toy Story home to your place!