Get your Xmas Shopping in Early – Toys Paradise on Sunrise!

SunriseChannel 7’s Sunrise programme ran a story this morning about bagging festive bargains and beating the Christmas rush—and right now is the right time! And for toys and games, they recommend checking out Toys Paradise and Games Paradise! Get the jump on your Xmas present shopping buying now—before the rush.

Sunrise recommended Toys Paradise Online in today’s story, which you can see in the video above. Budget Shopping Expert Michelle House reckons that doing your shopping online now is one of the ways to beat that last-minute Christmas run-around. Brick-and-mortar toy shops can be pretty stressful places to be as it gets closer to Xmas, and chances are you might miss out on that special gift that your child has been asking for, so get all your stuff from Toys Paradise and Games Paradise now while you still have lots of time—and all from the comfort of home, and delivered to your door.

Not only will you miss out on the madness of last-minute shopping, but you’ll be sure to get your presents without any delay. Of course our warehouse elves will be working overtime as it gets closer and closer to Christmas, but it’s the busiest time of year, so to beat the madness and avoid any possibility of disappointment. Don’t leave Christmas buying until the last minute!

For toys, games – and don’t forget jigsaws at Jigsaw Paradise – take the advice of the experts. Buy early and buy online — and relax this holiday season!