Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye!


Transformers are the incredible action toy that goes from strength to strength! The battle of the Autobots against the Decipticons has been raging for 27 years in comic books, animation, video games and films, and with the third film Dark of the Moon coming to cinemas in just a few months, the battle is hotting up once more!

You’ll find your favourite Transformers character from among the Toys Paradise range of Transformers gear. Let’s take a look at all the fantastic options available for just Transformers favourite—the distinctive yellow-and-black robot hero Bumblebee!

Bumblebee is the first robot on the ground, wherever the Autobots go. He is an expert scout, tracker and spy, with smarts and skill to match his sleek looks. He’s also a powerful fighter, who is determined to keep the humans he guards safe, no matter what. Pull back the ready-to-race Battle Chargers Bumblebee vehicle and charge into battle! Crash it to convert to robot mode—and then flip it to reset! No matter which mode you choose, this fun figure is ready to charge into battle!

BumblebeeGear up for an intense robot battle with the Battle Blade Bumblebee figure! The bright yellow warrior is ready to face down his toughest opponents when you flip down his battle mask and make him wield his converting battle-axe accessory. Convert him to Camaro concept car vehicle mode so he can tear down the streets in hot pursuit of any fleeing adversaries! The awesome robot-to-vehicle warrior converts from robot mode to Camaro concept car vehicle mode—and back again!

Or step up the excitement to the next level with the awesome electronic Battle Ops Bumblebee figure. You can unlock different phrases and sounds in both of his modes: in robot mode, this powerful warrior features a flip down mask accessory to protect him and an arm that converts to a cannon accessory to attack his enemies. And those enemies will know they’re in for serious combat when they see this figure’s glowing eyes, chest and weapons! For on-the-road battle action, convert your figure into Camaro concept car mode and activate the fearsome flip out cannon accessories. From revving engine noises to vehicle battle noises and more, this figure’s realistic sounds really put you in the driver’s seat in every fight!

Stealth ForceStealth Force Bumblebee is a cool vehicle that hides a secret—and it’s sure to take his enemies by surprise. Send your vehicle out into action in regular vehicle mode, then pull the rear bumper to reveal its hidden weapons! Before the enemy even knows what’s happening, he’s in the fight of his life! When combat is over, push the rear bumper to retract the weapons and shift this speedster back into stealth vehicle mode. With vehicles like this on the road, you never know when the next battle will begin!

And for something a bit different, whether for play or display, Mighty Muggs Bumblebee is a fun, hip version of the Autobat ally that’s sure to bring a smile to the faces of collectors and fans alike. With his signature bright yellow attire, this funky figure—who’s not afraid to flaunt his large character head and chunky body—is ready to do battle and to take his rightful place as a must-have for your collection!

Wow, look at all the stuff available for just Bumblebee! Whether he’s your favourite or you prefer the evil Megatron or the wise Optimus Prime, or any number of other transforming heroes or villains, check out the Toys Paradise Transformers range today!