The Trash Pack: The Gross Gang in your Garbage!

The Trash Pack

They’re the grossest guys that live in your garbage! Pop open a bin and you never know which of the hundreds of characters you’ll get to add to your collection and swap with your friends. What will you find? A rotten fish? A stinky cheese? An apple core? Blow fly? Putrid pizza?Dead tyre? Scum gum? Don’t forget to keep an eye (and a nose!) peeled for the rare Trashies—there are even glowing ones!

Moose Toys introduces The Trash Pack, a new toy line of icky characters named after all the grotty delights you can find—in your trash can!

With more than 100 Trash Pack characters (aka Trashies) to choose from, kids can collect and swap a host of Bin Monsters, Bin-Sects, Hard Rubbish, Grubz, Bin Critters and Bin-Fections with names like Putrid Pizza, Garbage Gull, Germ-Worm, and Mucky Maggot. Each Trashie figure comes in three different colors and is awarded a special status: common, rare, ultra rare, special edition or exclusive Trashie; depending on its collectability and how easy it is to find.

There are even glow-in-the-dark Trashies, who stand out among their less desirable trash-mates in dark and dingy bins. Kids can play games with their Trashies like Take out the Trash, Stack the Trash, and more.

What makes The Trash Pack even more appealing are the Limited Edition Trashies: King Rat, Trash Cat, and Soggy Tomato. A limited amount of these grimy guys can only be found in a selection of packs worldwide!

Trash PackTrashies Series 1: 5 Pack
Which Trashies are in your collection? Use the Collector Guide inside to help grow your Trash Pack gang. Each Trashie comes with its own can. You can also hunt in the 5 pack for the Ultra Rare and Limited Edition Trashies. Each pack contains 5 Trashies, 5 Trash Cans, and 1 Collector’s Booklet.

Trashies Series 1: 12 Pack
Build your collection with the Trash Pack 12 pack and find two Special Edition glow-in-the-dark Trashies inside. Use the poster to track your collection and learn cool games to play against friends. You can also hunt in the 12 pack for the Ultra Rare and Limited Edition Trashies.

Collectors CaseTrashies Collector’s Carry Case
The Trash Pack Collector’s Case is the perect place to house all of your trashies and their bins.

With the Collector’s Case you can collect, store and take your Trashies with you. Start your collection with the two exclusive Trashies, Wasted Banana and Squashed Wheel, and store up to 60 Trashies inside!

Garbage TruckTrashies Garbage Truck
It’s Trash Time! Have seriously gross fun taking out the trash using the Garbage Truck’s Tip ’N Flip action or the Wheelie Bin Launcher. Comes with two exclusive Trashies, Sludge Can and Dead Tyre, and stores up to 10 Trash Cans.The Trash Pack Truck is a great place to store your Trashies, and it’s great fun to play with!

Start collecting the seriously gross Trashies today!

Trashies are recommended for children ages 5 years and up, and are not suitable for children under 3 years.