What’s Hot: Crazy Forts

Crazy FortsDid you used to built forts out of bedsheets draped over the backs of chairs? I did—I think they even had secret passages! I wish we had the fantastic Crazy Fort construction kits back then!

Just add bedsheets for endless fun! Crazy Fort is powered by a child’s imagination. A single Crazy Fort kit contains 25 geometrically precise balls and 44 sticks that connect to create a multitude of possible play structures. Simply throw a bed sheet over top and watch their creativity flourish. A rocket today, an undiscovered cave tomorrow, a princess castle one day and a wild horse in a corral next week are all possible with Crazy Forts.

Toys that promote collaborative play between boys and girls are few and far between. The more kit pieces they have, the better it gets as multiple kit structures are even more impressive! Awesome fun—and the whole family can get involved building a Crazy Fort!