What’s Hot: Playmobil Research Supply Boat

PlaymobilThere’s a chest of gold that’s been recovered from the seabed, a toolbox and lots of tools so the crew can make repairs to the ship, and a marker buoy on a cable (that really floats) that connects to the ship. A hatch on the rear deck opens and has plenty of space to store these accessories.

The Playmobil Supply Ship comes complete with 3 crew figures: an engineer who operates the winch and makes sure the ship is running smoothly; a diver, complete with mask, tank and flippers, ready to explore the depths of the ocean; and, of course, a captain complete with radio and binoculars. The ship has a see-through bottom, which allows you, the crew and passengers to observe the marine life below!

This fine vessel is perfect for exploring a paddling pool as well as a bathtub; it really floats. The addition of a working electric motor, available separately, propels the ship at full-steam-ahead through the water.