What’s the Most Collectible Doll in the World?

It’s hard to believe that Barbie, the Glamizon of pop culture, has recently celebrated her 51st birthday. Forever youthful, stylish and fascinating, Barbie began her journey as a role model for young girls, but her path soon took a very collectible turn. As the celebrated darling of doll collecting enthusiasts world-wide, Barbie is now The Most Collectible Doll in the World™. Barbie Collector specialises in limited and themed editions of Barbie and Ken, mostly aimed at the discerning adult market.

Barbie and Ken play dress-up
Barbie always looks stunning, but she’s no passive bimbo. Often portrayed as strong, powerful and ready for action, Barbie and her companion Ken’s multitude of fantastic incarnations can match almost all tastes and accommodate many fantasies. Showcasing royalty, celebrities, fashion icons, fictional and historical characters, stars of the stage and screen and even architectural landmarks—Barbie and Ken do them all justice.

Barbie as Octopussy and Cleopatra
Barbie’s costuming is stunning, allowing her to be easily transformed into icons such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Cleopatra, the Goddess Athena, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Lucy from I Love Lucy and James Bond’s Octopussy. Ken and Barbie also step out together as Edward, Jacob, Alice and Victoria from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse and as some of the sexy men and women from the hit TV series Mad Men.

Barbie Collector meets Mad Men
The attention to 1960’s period detail in Mad Men is very accurate, particularly in regard to the clothes. Mattel’s toy designer, Robert Best, teamed up with Janie Bryant, Mad Men’s costume designer, to create four iconic outfits for Ken and Barbie that miniaturised well, while still embodying the poise and style of the times.

Barbie as Betty Draper and Joan Holloway
Betty Draper Barbie wears a floral party dress, choker and sparkling clutch with powder compact, lipstick and comb. Joan Holloway Barbie, the Sterling-Cooper office queen-bee, has flawlessly styled red hair and wears a purple dress, handbag, gold jewellery and pumps. It’s a shame that Joan’s real voluptuous curves have been trimmed to match Barbie’s magic measurements—but that’s show-biz!

Ken as Don Draper and Roger Sterling
Don Draper, Betty’s dashing on-again/off-again husband, sports a tailored grey suit with matching overcoat, striped tie, tan fedora and ‘leather’ briefcase. Roger Sterling, Don’s boss in earlier seasons, is a handsome ‘silver fox’ that loves romancing the ladies. He wears a dashing three piece suit, spotted tie and smart hat.

Mad Men: Gold Label edition
The Mad Men Gold Label collection is limited to 25,000 dolls worldwide. Other Barbie Collectable editions include Silver, limited to 50,000 and Platinum, limited to 1000. Most dolls come with a stand and a Certificate of Authenticity that enhances their collectability and possibly their value over time.

Designer Barbie
Barbie is a dependable brand; so many famous designers have jumped at the chance to collaborate with Barbie. Various collectible Barbies wear shoes and outfits designed by French fashion guru Christian Louboutin, whose trademark red soles set many women’s hearts a-flutter. A suite of nine pairs of Barbie-Louboutin shoes come with their own individual miniature shoe bag and box. What could be cuter?

Barbie will always be a good investment
Despite some criticism over the years, Barbie has not only endured, but gone from strength to strength. She inspired Andy Warhol to paint her in iconic style, but she’s now become a collectible icon in her own right. Barbie will always be a good investment—financially, emotionally and aesthetically, attracting admiration and adoration—with or without Ken!