What’s Hot: Xia-Xia Pets

Xia Xia pet crabs are ready to take the Aussie shores by storm and the kids are going wild over them already!!!  Xia-Xia pet crabs were one of the hottest selling toys in the US during Christmas 2011 and they are growing to be more and more popular.

Wonder what Xia Xia (pronounced as Sha Sha) means? It means welcome or thank you in Chinese. A different meaning of the word Xia is a Chinese girl name having a meaning of `Glow of the Sunrise’.

Inspired by this pleasant and friendly name of the brand, Xia-Xia are skitter-scattering, pitter-pattering, love-able, crazy crabs with shells that love to dance and play.

  • Bimini with her pink polka-dotted shell and flirty eyes
  • Trinidad with his grey skull-spotted shell and orange body
  • Turks with her red shell and girly pink bows
  • Tobago with his rough-and-tumble blue exterior and boyish grin

These small hermit crabs with interchangeable shells and their own cool habitats as well.

They are made by Sepia, the company that also brought us zhu zhu pets so there is no doubt they are going to be a massive hit once again.

They combine the silly charm of a real hermit crab with an imaginative, playful twist. Kids find hermit crabs appealing for numerous reasons, including their colorful interchangeable shells, tropical habitats and their silly walk when you press their claws. Plus, each shell comes with a silly little friend surprise that adds to Xia-Xia fun.

Xia-Xia takes these features to the next level by bringing alive a fantasy world of colour, magic and collectability for kids of all ages to enjoy.