When I’m a mommy…

Little girls love to mimic their mom in everything they do. They want to dress like mommy, put make up, polish their nails, wear heals – everything the way mommy does! At a very young age of 2 -3 years they love to care for & nurture and you can see this joy when they sooth a crying baby doll with a pretend bottle and snuggle in a toddler bed. 

Kids learn compassion and empathy with pretend baby dolls especially when there is a younger baby in the family that takes up most of mother’s time & attention. These days the dolls are  perfectly proportioned for little kids & look very real too. They eat, cry, pee, poo & make all sorts of baby sounds  making the experience quite life like for them.

Recently there has been a new doll in the market in UK which has caused a lot of controversy. It’s a breast feeding baby doll for little girls. The doll – made in Spain – comes with a bib with two appropriately placed flowers on it. Kids put the baby to the flowers to feed it. It then hiccups and can be burped.

Some people were against it, some for it. The supporters of this doll say that it can instill the wholesome practise of breast feeding in young girls and have already sold thousands of them.

Tell us what do you think about this doll? Do you think it’s wrong or do you think it is educative and will sell successfully? Would you buy it for your little girl?