Why should we encourage our kids to play outside

Playing outside

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and it is a hundred percent true. For an all round development of a child, playing is necessary.

Today, the scenario has changed a lot. The use of technology is growing with leaps and bounds. Every household have n number of technologically driven products and the kids are using them to the core, or should I say that only kids use them to the core. With each passing day, the kids are getting more and more techno savvy, even more than their parents. This is hampering their health at large. The kids today, are more concerned about what level they are at candy crush, what online games are in trend, what are the new xbox games and the worst, what social media their parents are using. Yes!! The kids today, know more about social media than their parents do and all these things are ruining their childhood. How often do you see a bunch of kids playing in a garden? Well, I see no single child laughing his or her heart out on the swings, or playing hide or seek in the garden.

Xbox and online internet games have taken the place of the games that the kids used to play earlier. Children today, enjoy playing more on playstation than on the playgrounds. And when they are not playing, they stick to the television sets and watch their favorite cartoons for hours and hours. No kid today, likes going out in the open ground and run here and there, carelessly with his or friends like we used to do. The raising competition is also to blame. We often see little kids carrying a huge bag full of books, on their back, to the school. They come back tired from school and run to their coaching’s (Yes! even little kids take tuitions today). They return home and dig their heads into their school books to complete their homework and completing homework is not at all a child’s play (that’s what the kids say). So, we see that the kids actually don’t have a lot of time to play and the little time that they make from their busy schedule, they invest it into the tech world. The bottomline is that everything is going wrong. In the absence of physical activities the kids are getting physically weak. Ask a kid to take one round of the playground and he will come back complaining midway that his legs are now aching. This has also induced childhood obesity to an alarming extent and also impaired muscle development and balance.

Also, a kid who spends most of his time inside the confines of his house has a wide chance of becoming an introvert. There is nothing wrong in becoming an introvert, but this hampers his social interaction skills and creativity. Once a child develops a habit of spending all time alone, he or she will always feel awkward in socializing and trust me, socializing is a great thing for an overall personality development. Physical activity or playing in the playground is as necessary as education. Kids need to come out of their homes, spend time amidst nature, soak in the open air, leave the confines of their home which is under the burden of technology and live in the real world. To bring your kid out of your home in open , organize a gathering or a pool party. Arrange a lot of outdoor and pool toys like water guns and leave your kids free to have all the fun. This one gathering will help your kids to understand that playing in a garden or a pool is a great fun.

#posted by Erwan Nguyen