Top Seven Reasons Wooden Toys are Good for your Child.

There’s something nostalgic about wooden toys.   The tinkering of the toymaker makes us think of a time less complicated.  Now wooden toys aren’t just competing against plastic toys, but also tablets, smart phones and video games.    So what are some of the benefits of wooden toys.

  1. Engagement with your child. With wooden toys your child physically interacts with the toy.  It’s not a case of a button to press and then your child sits back and watches the toys do something.   The engagement with the wooden toys is both physical and mental.  Along with pretend play toys, this leads to an active imagination and an active mind.  Great for imagination are Plan Toys Bedroom furniture and Plan Toys Family Dolls to create family situations.
  1. Wooden ToysLess chemical toxicity. Wooden toys do not contain plastics or other toxins usually found in toys. They are made of natural materials and hence are safer for your child in this respect.  This is great for baby toys such as wooden key rings from Melissa & Doug.  Your baby can teeth on these without fear of toxicity.
  1. Texture. Children are able to explore the various bumps and grains of wooden toys. This gives a greater understanding of the environment around them.
  2. Environmental Impact. Wooden toys, by their very nature are wooden with possibly glue or screws and occasionally some paint. Without plastics and batteries containing such chemicals as (dependant on battery manufacture and whether rechargeable or not) zinc chloride, alkaline, lithium, NiMH and lead acid wooden toys are less harmful to the environment.  We all know that plastics take hundreds of years to degrade, wood takes years, or a few days if you throw some termites (white ants) on them.  The manufacture of plastic also requires vast amounts of resources. Wood has less resource cost especially if it comes from sustainable plantations.
  3. Less danger for Children’s Play.  Swallowing a battery is harmful and could be fatal. Swallowing small pieces of plastic is also a health hazards from the chemical leakage while it is in your child’s body. Wooden toys do not have anything this harsh on or in them, but obviously it’s recommended not to eat them.  Great wooden toys include Plan Toys Wooden Drums,
  4. Long lasting and fun to pass down. Wooden toys tend to last generations, where as plastic toys, even with the long lifespan of plastic, tend to get broken and thrown in the bin.  Take wooden jigsaws for instance, Melissa & Doug wooden jigsaws will last even after a young child has used for a long time.
  5. Pretend Play. Wooden Toys are fantastic for pretend play.  See our other article about Pretend play.
Pretend Play

So when thinking about toys next time, think of some the benefits of wooden toddler toys.  When it comes down to it, the same reason you liked them, your kids will as well.