Zanybandz Fanz

I always hoped I’d come up with the next big thing to rival pet rocks of the ‘70s, but someone beat me to it! There’s a totally cool craze sweeping the world that’s not only filled the gap in the market left by pet rocks and other fads, but is closing the generation gap as well. Its fans include all ages—from preschoolers to adults—and they just can’t seem to get enough of Zanybandz.

Zanybandz are cute
Zanybandz are colourful, collectible 100% silicone bracelets that are sold in packs of 24 cute shaped animals or themed objects. And they’re not just for girls either as Zanybandz are more than just bracelets. Their versatility stems from the fact that they snap back into their original shape when removed from the wrist. They can then be used to make artworks, decorations and most importantly, be traded with friends for other coveted items.

Zanybandz are very collectible
Zanybandz are very collectible, which is a huge contributing factor in their success. Many children’s playgrounds have now turned into swap meets, as eager children trade Zanybandz to complete their collections, which can run into the hundreds and thousands. Zanybandz have three colour categories: Glow-in-the-Dark, Tie-Die and Bold and Bright and they are constantly inventing new themes to keep up with demand and stay ahead of competitors. Their current themes include Bugz & Beez, Water Creatures, Old West, Mystic, Piratez, Sportz, Safari and Circus.

Affordable and adorable
Much bigger and more widespread in appeal than the pet rock phenomena of the ‘70s, the Ninja Turtle craze of the ‘80s and the Beanie Babies boom of the ‘90s—the Zanybandz craze shows no sign of slowing down because they’re an affordable product that’s good value for money in times of economic restraint. Even kids as young as five can afford to buy Zanybandz using their own pocket money.

Zanybandz is more than just a fad
Unlike pet rocks, Zanybandz is more than just a fad. Zanybandz have imbued a low-tech product with the best of the creative imagination and clever marketing to create a low-cost trend that generates fun without generating debt—which will keep kids and their parents coming back again and again for a long time to come.