Zoobles Spring to Life!

ZooblesZoobles spring to surprising life!

Say hello to the Zoobles and the magical, mysterious world of Zooble Isle! Curled up in little balls and hidden high upon the treetops and in the depths of the seas, Zoobles spring to life when you place them on their home, or ‘happitat’. They love to roll around as balls, but a special magnet mechanism on their happitat makes them pop back into life—their legs, heads and ears pop up and they become little creatures again!

Zoobles are cute, quirky, colourful little friends who are full of mischief, and they love it when you pet them! When you press their heads, their eyes even blink! And you can decorate them with stickers to make them your own.

Zoobles love to roll and play all day, then go off to sleep in their happitats. They all live on a world called Zooble Isle, where different kinds of Zoobles come from the six different lands like Seagonia, Petagonia and Azoozia. Right now there are over 150 Zoobles to collect!

Zoobles Dictionary
New to Zoobles? Here are some of the words you’ll need to know to be a top Zoobles collector!

Azoozia: The zoo-animal region of Zooble Isle
Petagonia: The pets region of Zooble Isle
Seagonia: The aquatic region of Zooble Isle
Happitat: Zoobles’ homes, where they pop open
Hot Spot: The place on the Happitat that makes a Zooble pop open
Dee-lights: Zoobles that light up and glow in their Happitat
Hair-doobles: Zoobles with hair extensions
Zooblings: Baby Zoobles
Special Edition: Special Edition Zoobles have gems and other special decorations and come with Deluxe Happitats
Twobles: A double Zoobles pack

Zoobles ScoutCheck out some of the incredibly cute Zoobles you can collect: from the land of Petagionia comes Scout, Jaspurr, Cairo & Chicklet, and Tuba & Fetchen, Trouser, Hollyhops, Peet, Rad, Oliver & Treena, and Teesha & Domino. And they’ll be lots more Zoobles coming from other lands soon!

The Zoobles Azoozia Carry Case includes a Zoobles carry case and one exclusive Zooble. It’s the perfect way to store and carry your growing Zoobles collection.

There are also some awesome playsets available: Seagonia Kelp’s Underwater Playset is where Kelp, his mini friend Fin and the rest of the Zoobles roll, spin and twist in a magical underwater amusement park. These Zoobles live for adventure and surprise so watch out—you never know where they’re going to spring to life! And in Razoo’s Treehouse Playset your Zoobles can swing, roll and play in this magical playset that includes an exclusive Zooble.

Start your own special Zoobles collection today!